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Fig jam
5 kg coll de dama figs
If remain you of the figs to make some, it is one of the best jam without doubts.

Ripe figs

For 1 Kg of ripe figs.
From 0 to 200 grams of sugar
1 Liter of water.

If you do not want work, do not peel the figs.
Cutting the figs in small pieces.
The majority of the recommend a great proportion of sugar. The figs contain enough quantity of sugar as to be able to manage without it.
The only question is to make to boil more time the jam to increase the concentrations of its own sugar
If the figs are not of sweet enough or you want to obtain more quantity of jam you add more quantity of sugar.

Put to boil the water with the sugar.
When it has started to boil, you add the cutted figs to it.
At slow fire do you remove all with care.
When it started again to boil, we cut them with the crusher (minipimer).
At slow fire and removing every 5 minutes, we will make to reduce the volume up to a third part or less.
After we will put the jam in hermetically closed containers sterilizing them using the bain-marie
Cutted figs