Varietats de figues
Fig tree index of my country and my roof
Roja, Rojeta, Rojal, Negreta , Roja de Mallorca
Roja de Mallorca
La Roja de Mallorca del meu terrat.
Roja de Mallorca
La Roja de Mallorca del meu terrat.
Roja de Mallorca
Una figa flor en formació.
Roja de Mallorca
Fulla de la Roja.

Selffertile (partenocàrpica)
Brevas (Brevas and summer figs)
Figs of summer at the beginning of August.

This is one of the better known brevas in Mallorca.
My fig tree is a curious case, fruit of an exchange with an enthusiastic North American who at the same time obtained the cutting from a Majorcan supporter.
This North American friend asked me more than once for the development of the fig tree.
He said me that this fig tree was difficult to him of developing in a pot and even he doubted that it was plotted of the authentic variety.
In my conditions of crop in pot the same behavior was replayed.
Reading the description that Montserrat Pons about this variety makes, in first place I believe that it is certainly the Roja variety and in second place he says that this fig tree has a little vigor which it makes me think that its behavior in pot in expensive could be worse.
The figs as well as the brevas are similar. The color of the skin goes purple black to the reddish one with some longitudinal clefts.
The meat is sweet enough and tasty and of a whitish pink color.
The leaves are pentalobads in its majority.

Hilgardia description by IRA J. CONDIT

Roja (syn. Rojal).
Described and illustrated by Estelrich (1910) as a variety which produces brebas in abundance near Algaida, Mallorca;
these appear in quantity in the markets of Palma. Also described by Priego y Jaramillo (1922).
Figs of the main crop are resistant to rain damage, and are highly regarded for their quality; the variety is therefore cultivated in all the Balearic Islands.
Brebas large, egg-shaped; stalk thick; skin color reddish brown; pulp amber.
Second-crop figs much the same, maturing in August and September.
Two subvarieties are given. The first, Roja d’en Bardina, rarely produces brebas. Thesecond, Roja de Son Suau, produces no brebas, while the main crop figs are of a darker red color than are those of Roja.

According to Montserrat the Roja variety, called like this by its characteristic red color, could be the variety "HAMIR" -Red- described in the agriculture book of by Abu Zacaría in 12th century