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Verdal d'oriola
Maresme (Catalonia) Fig Tree
Verdal fig tree, Maresme (Catalonia)

Variety of late fig, one crop.
The fig tree is in the backyard (north) of a stately house, in the catalan region of “Maresme”, in front the sea.
This variety was described by Pere Estelrich i Fuster.
With a high probaliy it corresponds to the variety described by Giorgio Galesio in the pomona italiana:
If that before is true it would correspond to the variety described by Ira Condit and they would be synonyms: .
Grosse Verte, Nebian, Adriatic, White Adriatic, Fico di Fragola, Strawberry.
There are other fig trees varieties with figs of the same color that can receive this name.
Medium size tree that grows slowing.
Leaves mostly of 5 lobules, few cutted. Fruit with a few flesh, meat red dark, sweet and flavorful is the many people opinion.
(according to Ira Condit it depends of the climates its color changes from the pink tones to the dark red).Green skin and resitant that gives its name .
Small eye.

Verdal figs in October, 40 gr. weight average.
Verdal figs in October, 40 gr. weight average.
Maresme (Catalonia) Fig Tree In a recent work published in the Balearic islands is identified one Verdal variety, it has some common characteristics:
Late figs that they hold in the tree and its remain dried until the next year, but however a fig is considered low quality for fresh consumption.

Advisable tree from the climates with warm autumns, as the Maresme region.
Verdal figs in the tree branches.