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White Bourjassot
Barnisoto, Bouriansoto, Bourjansoto, Bourjassotte, Bourdasciotta, Blanche,Burjassot Blanc,Barnissotte White, Barnissote blanc, Bernissou Blanc, Brogiotto Bianco, Burjassotte Branco, Bordissotte, Blanca, Bourgassotte, Bourgeassotte, Olho de Passarinho, Rainha, Regalo

One crop known variety from the antique. Maella, Fraga, varieties have characteristics very similar to this variety.
Very important development like the black variety.
Pere Estelrich i Fuster in his book about the fig trees published in 1909, wrote that the intelligent farmers they used this variety as stock to graft other less resistant varieties.
This could be the possibly origin of its name, “bord” in Catalan language is also associated in the farmers world for what is very resistant.

Without a suitable pruning, it bears fruit in an irregular way.
It is not clear that it is not a partially parthenocarpic variety.
Fruit of medium size, average weight (70 to 80) g, flattened and without neck, very characteristic, particularly beautiful and it makes it distinguish perfectly from other varieties. Short stem. White skin. Small eye. Meat red, sweet and perfumed. Inside without pronounced cavity. Very fine grain.
Late fig that matures in the middle of august.
Excellent gustatory quality, so for the consumption in fresh or dried.
Insuperable to make jams.

Fig tree Burjassot placed in the Catalan region of the Oriental VallèsFig tree  Burjassot placed in the Catalan region of the Oriental Vallès