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Pastellere, Rouge de bordeaux, Hirta, Hirta du Japon
Figs of my roof, 25 July 2007
Pastilere leave variety, 26-may-2008

The tree that I have comes from a French nursery.
One crop variety, early and abundant fructification.
Variety quite known in France that according to some people it may be originate from Japan.
In Catalonia, it bears fruit at the end of July.
Tree of small to medium size, growth slow and in way compacts with trend to remain dwarf.

The leaves:
Big, thick, hairy and with a lot marked nervation, slightly sawed edges. From one to five little marked lobules for leaf.

Medium size of 5 to 8 cm of length, forms weight about 30 and 70 gr. Without neck, stem of purple color of 1,5 to 3 cm of length feebly fixed in the branches.
Usually the figs never arrive at drying in the tree.
Skin suffices, of blackish purple color, covered of for the thick ones and of mate surface, with big whitish zones that darken when it matures.
Medium eye, opened with purple scales.
Meat of amber color pinkish of sweet texture. The central cavity is outstanding. It has few seeds, which makes it suitable to sweet. Slightly sweet taste without notes.

Tree to collect without any remarkable quality for the consumption in fresh or to dried.

  According to Simon-Louis Frères (1895)
Hirta is a Japanese variety, introduced into France by M. de Siebold