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Cendrosa ( Tortosa )
Figs Cendrosa 80 gr. 6 September 2007Figs Cendrosa 80 gr. 6 September 2007

Tree that it had more than six years when I transplanted it from the field of my father-in-law to a pot. The fig tree came from Tortosa and was given by a neighbor of field. I reduced the size of the roots for facilitating the transplant.
One crop variety.
Tree of small to medium size, even in rich terrains. Gray wood and lists. The leaves mostly of three lobules, consistent, of size medium and dark green.
Fruit of ashen green color, in the form of spinning top, short neck with little stem. Small eye. Fine, suitable skin for the transport. It weights about 70 gr.
Flesh red, soft, a lot sugared, and juicy, excellent quality gustatory, compact and have dark red color.

Figs Cendrosa. 7 October 2005Figs Cendrosa. 7 October 2005
Figs Cendrosa. 13 July 2007Figs Cendrosa. 13 July 2007 Variety that bears fruit later than the Coll de Dama, sweeter but less fine that it.
If the weather conditions are not optimal, a great amount of figs remains without picking up and do not arrive to mature. After losing their leaves, some of them stay in the tree, but lose totally the good flavor in spite of having very good aspect. I believe that figs could be included in the named hivernenques that in fact are many different and late varieties.
Figs Cendrosa. 23 September 2005Figs Cendrosa. 23 September 2005