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Blanca del Montseny
Montseny 23-June-2005
Figs tree in Montseny 23-June-2005

While hiking I discovered a group of aged and neglected fig trees located at the upper elevations of the Montseny mountain range.
These fig trees bear a breva crop.
The predominate leaf shape has three lobes; the center lobe is longer than the two flanking lobes.
A few leaves show an additional two smaller lobes flanking the stem.
I have taken some cuttings of the four fig trees and have successfully rooted them at home.
Three belong to a same variety and another shows slightly different characteristics.
I have not identified either variety.
At the end of summer of 2006 the trees bore heavy crops of white figs up to the first frost.
In October 2007 I was able to take some ripe figs to compare them with those that I have at my house.

Breva 19-May-2007
Montseny, Breva 19-May-2007
Montseny 20-Decembre-2006
Figs tree in Montseny 20-Decembre-2006
Under the local climate and condition of the fig trees, the trees produce small figs weighing 20 to 40 gr.  The figs have thin, yellow, lightly fuzzy skin.
One of the varieties has pink colored pulp while the other one has amber pulp.It have shape of pear with a medium long stalk.
The fig is satisfactorily good to eat in expenses, it has a sweet and delicate taste.
I have been able to see other fig trees similar in the lands of the surroundings in of antique vines and in farmhouses.
Surely it was a variety of fig used for consuming dried, for having in this way a supply for winter.
These varieties are similar to them called Alacantines in Mallorca.
Figs and brevas 23-June-2005
Blanca del Montseny, Figs and brevas 23-June-2005
Blanca del Montseny, 24-August-2007
Blanca del Montseny, 27-August-2007
Mature fig in the fig tree 6-October-2007
Blanca del Montseny, Mature fig in the fig tree 6-October-2007
Montseny 19-May-2007, when the sunset


Fig 24-August-2007

Figs 24-August-2007