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Culture du Figuier en climat continental Conseils pour la culture des figuiers en climat continental
Ficus carica Wikipedia Very good explanation
Minor fruit tree species First European inventory of collected accessions of minor fruit tree species
ACES Publications ANR-1145 Fig Production Guide. ANR-1145, New April 1999. David G. Himelrick, Extension Horticulturist, Professor, Horticulture, Auburn University
Garden Web The best source of information for the figs enthusiasts Search your question in this forum usually has already been answered by other users.Funny people.
Figs 4 Fun Very good web with a lot of pictures , links and enthusiastic work.
Calimyrna Figs In California The Calimyrna Fig & Its Pollinator Wasp. Growing Delicious Figs In California's Central Valley. Interesting links.
FIG Fruit Facts Interesting and simple page.
Morton figs Simple and nice web with general information
New fig cultivar comparison report released by UC Kearney REC In the latest University of California Topics in Subtropics newsletter, two UC Kearney Research and Extension Center experts released a comparison of the new Sequoia fig cultivar (variety) with the recently released Sierra and standard fig varieties in the California fig industry
Home Fruit Production Figs Texas A & M University System by Calvin G. Lyons and George Ray McEachern Extension Horticulturists.Good general information.
Culture du figuier Très bonsobservations et conseils pour la culture du figuier