Català A method to rooting cuttings of fig trees using green wood. Français
The used method has some similarities with plastic bag over sleeping wood.
I doubted about the effect of the hormones to rooting green cuttings.
Over wooden scions, I did not found big differentiates among using some or not, in same cases the effect that it produced was the contrary that It wished.
I have made a small experiment with five cuttings treated with powdered hormones and five without.
The cuttings come from a fig tree found in the mountain. .
I’m using scions with a piece of old wood.
I prepare three plastic cups of the same size, two transparent ones and one opaque for each cutting in order to avoid the formation of seaweeds.
Over the bottom of the glasses that I will fill in with perlite and I make a great amount of holes for guaranteeing a good drainage.
The other one transparent cup, I use it to cover the cutting like a small greenhouse.I use pieces of eletrical insulating tape for fixing them.
As a substratum, I use perlite for that it avoids the development of the fungus diseases and allows me to observe how the growing roots.
First of all I remove the leaves of cuttings and I trim one or two of the first leaves to reduce their size.
Then, I wash intensely the cuttings with a lot of water and brushing them with a toothbrush. I do not use bleach for the disinfection, only the water.
As hormone I’m using 3-indolbutyric acid (IBA) at 0,25% I apply a bit quantity of hormone on the low part of cutting following the manufacturer instructions.
Finally I place the cutting in each cup, I water them, I close them with the other glass and I put them in a place protected of the wind and of the sun, in a small greenhouse in my case. .
The process started on the 30th May of 2007.
After 16 days the cuttings treated with hormones have not lost the leaves and have the a lot developed roots. Row of the behind, treated cuttings.
The not treated cuttings do not show any root and have lost the leaves. From this point, we can follow with the other method.
Treated scion After 21 days.
08/Jul/2007 after 39 days, the cuttings without hormones do not show yet any root, but for the moment are living.