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Carabasseta (Panaché)
Abaldufada, Bordissot blanc, Figa ratllada, Catalana, Figa Turca, Maravilla, Princessa, Rayonne, Panachée, Bourjassotte, Courgette rayée, Jaspée, Carbassette, Bizzarrìa di Sori, Panascè, Striped Tiger, Limone, Bourjassotte Panaché, Fracazzano Rigato, Bracotedesco

My mother had talked to me about this fig tree. When she was young, she reminded a fig tree not far from her house.
Now, the tree that I have, it comes from an American friend. According to him, it is a very flavored fig.
Sometimes we are lucky to have some American friend that often protect that we have lost.
It is a specially decorative tree, the stems also have green lines about the brownish background with an exceptional quality of fruit
It seems to be born from a mutation of white Bourjassot. There are unusual histoires about this transformation.
The same name makes reference to two very different varieties.
While in Valencia the carabasseta is the striped fig in Mallorca for some a fig without lines used only to obtain dried figs, (it is part of the varieties known as alicantines in Mallorca). It was rewarded in the exhibition of Manacor of 1896.
Figs of mine roof 6 September 2007
Figs of mine roof 6 September 2007
  Diccionari CBV
Yellowish minim with green, big, good. Catalan the one that is from white bordissot.
Big Encyclopedia of Mallorca GEM
It was a lot cultivated in Son Servera, it has form of wine pumpkin and it is very flavorful when it is dry.
Described and drawn by Pere Estelrich i Fuster (1910) like one of the best figs to dry from Mallorca, receiving a gold medal in the exhibition of Manacor of 1896; see also the report of Priego y Jaramillo (1922), and of Condit (1925). P.I. The no. 86,169, introduced to 1928 from Lleida like Carabasseta, a striped fig very similar to the Panachée is. Tree of medium size, with leaves of 3-lobols. Medium, conical, light green fig, meat red clear, very sweet. Very flavorful in fresco, and especially good quality when it is dried.