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5-July-2007Figs, 5-July-2007

Tree acquired in 2006, in a French nursery.
We find it described with a lot of details and some contradictions by Ira Condit in Hilgardia.

Typically French fig tree, it grows well in great part of the French regions.
Tree of two crops, bifere.
If they are wanted to harvest figs under climates with cold autumns, these fig trees are almost indispensable.
Tree of moderate vigor and with erect trend form.
Leaves mostly tri-lobulate and thick.

Early breva crop, 100 gr. Average weight
Brownish skin color tones with yellowish background.
Pink meat. Short stem. Small neck.

Figs 12-August-2007
Cutted fig, Figs 12-August-2007
Good taste under sufficient insulation and at optimum point harvested.
Fruit with priceless stem.

Summer fig smaller than breva.
Skin color is more uniform without yellowish background waxing, very beautiful appearance.
Reddish and juicy pulp, with considerable meat (white part between the skin and the pulp), also with good taste.
Refined and good taste under the Barcelona conditions.

Do not try to compare its taste with the other autochthonous figs varieties, would be like comparing the taste of a “skin of toad” melon with the cantaloup French melon, they do not have anything to do.
It has trend to lose many figs. It is possible that it needs the blastophague for its polinization.

Drop of honey, typical name of many varieties..Drop of honey, typical name of many varieties.