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FF Negra Sant Boi
Figa Flor Negra, Bacorera
Original tree
Breva variety, who gives two harvests of figs. Brevas, at the end of spring and another harvest of figs on the new wood at middle summer.
It is a variety much widespread and very known, with many varietal selections, Colar of Albatera, Goina....., very close to the varieties known as Mission or Franciscan. It is earlier than the Black of Caromb also has many similarities with it.
The figs obtained in container come from the cuttings of a tree cultivated at my town.
It is a tree of big size in fertile grounds. It tends to grow horizontally.
The leaves usually have 5 lobules of great measure, with some variations in the shape of the foliage in the same tree. Black brevas skin and a reddish color gilded at the end of the neck, very short stalk. Blackish eye. Thin and delicate skin that does not support the excessive handling as result the Catalan phrase "You / it are more delicate than a Figa Flor ( breva )".to refer to things or people who it is needed to manipulate with a lot of care. Weight between 70 and 150 gr. lightly sweet and refreshing flesh of whitish color.
Continued harvest achieving the end of summer.
The figs of summer have a minor size with the redder flesh and they are sweeter, although they can not compete with the quality of other own varieties of the summer.

Breva 9-june-2007
The same open fig.
My tree with brevas.
The summer figs are growing fast.
Ampliació del conjunt
The buds are pinching to favour the fig growing.    
Detall de les figues d'estiu